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With HR's ever-increasing responsibilities, it isn’t always easy keeping your employees informed about benefits programs, let alone keeping them highly engaged.

It's critical to drive your employee's participation to maintain an engaged and growing workforce.  We call this effective employee communication.

We develop a communications plan that is tailored precisely to your (and their) needs because the goals and personnel of your organization are distinctive.

We can design, produce, and execute omnichannel communications that will reach your employees exactly where they are, whether you're introducing a new benefit or program, addressing particular business concerns, or boosting enrollment and engagement.

From developing an intranet content strategy to support the company's content strategy rollouts. Creating communication plans for leaders and managers, with content that can be shared internally. We can also help with developing strategies and plans for management communications.

Ultimately, employee communication makes it possible for employees to share information with their manager that is important to the company's well-being to encourage easy, effective communication and engagement in your business. That's how Tschida Communications' Employee Communication Services can help your business today.

Effective employee communication

Engaging, consistent, and goal-oriented internal communication strategies are essential. With a focus on pensions, health, and wealth in the workplace, we tailor communication strategies that assist employees with all aspects of their benefits to deliver this. We collaborate with human resources and communication teams to identify various employee groups and determine the best communication tools and methods.

With the correct internal communications, we want to connect and involve employees so that they actively choose and decide on their retirement and savings plans while comprehending the impact of each on their objectives and the benefits that their employer also provides. It all comes down to enhancing the employee experience so that when they retire after a long career, they are aware of all they have accomplished.

Targeting the agreed-upon key messages to the right pension scheme members at the appropriate time is necessary for effective communication. Our online pension analytical tool (GEM), which divides the workforce into predetermined cohorts, can aid in this.


Internal communication system

In a perfect world, your employee communication channels collaborate and play complementary roles to engage and reach employees. By examining your present internal communication tools and developing a system that satisfies the requirements of all stakeholders, we'll make this a reality.
•    Audit channel evaluation
•    interviews and focus groups
•    Plans for internal communication
•    Rules and regulations
•    Surveys

Change communication

It can be difficult to explain the change to employees, particularly if the change will have a significant impact on their jobs. You must answer your employees' pressing queries if you want to put them at rest and win their support. We'll collaborate with you to develop and implement a change communication program that makes sure staff members are aware of the "why" and what needs to change.
•    Business tactics
•    Emergency communication
•    People resources
•    Initiatives in information technology
•    Acquisitions and fusions
•    New command
•    Virtual employees

HR communication

You need an efficient HR communication plan that centers on "What does this mean to me?" to help employees make the most of their benefits, policies, and initiatives. We'll create HR communication that involves employees and informs them while also motivating them to take action.
•    Advantages of communicating
•    Compensation
•    Competencies
•    Inclusion, equity, and diversity (DE&I)
•    Engagement of employees Employee Value Proposition
•    Handbooks/Policies
•    Learning and growth
•    Onboarding
•    Performance supervision
•    Recognition
•    Recruiting
•    Retirement Values Wellness

Assessment & measurement

How can you tell if internal communication is impacting staff members and advancing your company's objectives? We'll establish a measurement plan, gather and track data, analyze findings, and suggest the next steps quantify the efficacy and illustrate the value of employee communication.
•    Audit Benchmarking
•    Channel evaluation
•    interviews and focus groups
•    Scorecards
•    Surveys


You need communication channels that can attract and hold the attention of disinterested employees in today's information-overwhelming, digital world. It's our responsibility to design engaging platforms that cut through the noise and spread awareness of important topics.
•    Rules and regulations
•    Intranet website meetings
•    Mobile newsletters
•    Internet
•    Video workplace


Compared to copy alone, visuals help employees understand concepts more deeply and thoughtfully. Our design team, which has won numerous awards, produces a variety of visual materials that effectively communicate even complicated ideas, from iconic logos to smart infographics to print pieces to interactive websites.
•    Branding/identity
•    Digital
•    Infographics
•    Presentations
•    Print


Effective writing will increase comprehension and retention, whether you're producing a 30-second video script or a 16-page instruction manual. We are professionals in creating material for internal communication, including the appropriate language to use, breaking down complex information, and creating attention-grabbing headlines. Additionally, we provide writing instruction to both communicators (who wish to improve their craft) and non-communicators (who need to learn the basics).
•    Digital guidelines
•    interview techniques
•    control of editorial boards
•    Presentations
•    Print storytelling
•    YouTube scripts
•    Writing abilities

Leader & manager communication

Managers and leaders must convey the organization's goals and the actions that employees must do to support them. However, managers and executives frequently find it difficult to communicate. To equip managers and leaders for their crucial communication roles, we develop powerful communication techniques.
•    Leader assistance
•    Manager assistance
•    Toolkits
•    City halls


Internal conferences and meetings offer excellent chances to spread knowledge and foster commitment. However, far too frequently they devolve into PowerPoint® marathons, leaving participants fatigued and overburdened with information. By planning a well-balanced agenda, fostering chances for conversation, offering facilitation that engages participants, and gauging effectiveness through post-meeting surveys, we improve employee meetings.
•    Conferences
•    Large-scale gatherings
•    Discussions at tables
•    Team conferences
•    City halls
•    Virtual conferences

Strategy & planning

Are you prepared to advance internal communication? We assist you in thinking strategically. We offer best practices, innovative concepts, and strategic thinking, whether you need to create an annual communication plan or assemble an all-star internal communication team.
•    Plans for internal communication
•    Function of communication
•    Content message development knowledge & skills\


Our Plus Points

The communication experts at Tschida Communications are familiar with the difficulties that businesses of all sizes encounter in the area of human resources.

We pinpoint the core of your employee communication requirements before directing you toward the best solutions for your objectives, top priorities, and workforce.

We oversee the entire communications implementation process, from strategy and development to outcomes monitoring, and we offer consultative advice to guarantee the success of your project.

Our solutions are made to support great employee experiences, deliver effective communication, and strengthen your brand and talent management strategies

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