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Many companies are struggling to retain their employees, costing them millions of dollars in recruiting, onboarding and wasted institutional knowledge.  

It's way more effective to engage & retain employees than to replace them: 

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It costs 20% of a frontline employee’s salary and up to 200% of a corporate employee’s salary to replace them.*

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Informed employees make their companies 17% more productive and 21% more profitable.**

*Center for American Progress  |  **Gallup State of the American Workplace Report 

Onboarding programs to immediately engage new employees and those coming in from mergers & acquisitions ​

Voice of the employee research to understand communication wants and needs and stay current on company perception​


Let's use proactive,

communication to engage & retain your employees.

HR + benefits communication that conveys how the company values its employees through its total compensation packages​

Executive visibility that uses top leaders to engage employees and manage through leadership transitions as needed ​

People manager support with resources that equip them to consistently represent key company info and lead their teams​

Content + channel evaluation and creation to communicate the right information to the right audience in the right way​

Change management that equips employees to work productively and confidently through transformational change​

Employee Value Propositions that help employees understand why they should come, stay and grow with your organization  ​

Our approach to engaging & retaining employees:



Understand employee pain points and feedback

Benchmark existing communication methods against best-in-class companies



Create change and communications strategy to increase and maintain employee engagement

Establish measures of success




Serve as outsourced communications function to bring strategy to life


Ingrid Christensen

CEO, INGCO International

The Tschida Communications team is a vital and strong partner in helping us share our brand story with the world. They quickly ‘got us’ in a way no other external partner has been able to. They intuitively understood how to clearly convey the spirit of our company, what we stand for, and magically grasp and enhance our voice and tone.
They care about us like a member of our internal team – helping protect the quality and consistency of what we share publicly in a way that feels unique among external partnerships. And, they are good people with good intentions, and fun to work with! 
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